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landscape architecture

specialized in BIM

& in virtual reality

Landscape architecture specialized in BIM & virtual reality.

To innovate is to push back the limits of what is possible by adopting technical advances to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

With its innovation division, ARFOLIA is fully equipped with the latest technologies such as BIM, Lidar and virtual reality, in order to visualize, validate and efficiently coordinate innovative and sustainable outdoor development projects. With our team of BIM & innovation experts, we are able to offer tailor-made, creative and collaborative solutions for each project.

This approach is another way of interacting with the landscape. It allows us to offer new perspectives to all our customers for an ever more immersive experience and projects that are more real than life.


Thanks to BIM (Building Information Modelling), you visualize your project before it even takes shape. Much more than a simple design and urban project management tool, BIM is an innovative approach that allows cities to model the 2030 canopy plan.

This revolution for landscape architecture makes it possible to change the growth of plants (canopy coverage rate) over the years and to model the shade plan of cities. This tool makes it possible to measure in 3D the impacts of heat islands (ICU), air quality, irrigation systems, and soil conditions to improve the comfort of users in their environment.

BIM allows the coordination between the different elements present in outdoor spaces: materials, lighting, layout, etc... By simulating different possibilities in a digital model with real-time results, we can optimize the use of space , test options, better manage costs and reduce errors for high quality project delivery.

Thanks to our collaborative approach, we involve our customers and our partners at every stage of the design.


virtual reality

Imagine a world where reality and imagination come together to create new horizons. Virtual reality offers endless possibilities for visualizing, designing and carrying out any type of landscaping project. This revolutionary technology allows virtual immersion in the project, with a real-scale projection.

Thanks to VR glasses, it is possible to find yourself at the heart of the project and live an experience more real than life. ARFOLIA uses this technology to organize meetings with project owners or agents to facilitate communication and to better meet their needs and desires.

Virtual reality is real magic that pushes the limits of creativity and fundamentally changes the way we design and build our environment. With virtual reality, your projects are no longer drawings on paper, but imaginary worlds where you can walk around and explore.

Towards new


Digital Twins

How to analyze your environment and project yourself with flawless precision? Cutting-edge LiDAR scanner technology maps our world in real-time detail, creating incredibly accurate 3D maps.

Associated with the Digital Twins, this technology offers a reference support for the preliminary study and the analysis of the environment, allowing a precise design and a high quality realization. At ARFOLIA, our experts can intervene in the field on request (by drone or by station) to scan existing trees, collection trees, sculptures, objects, existing houses and plots to integrate them with 3D modelling.

Thanks to these tools, projects can be imagined with millimetric precision and a projection faithful to reality. These two technologies offer us an enchanting world where technology becomes magic. Where imagination becomes reality.

Towards more excellence

Towards more

3D model

How to materialize the wisest and craziest projects and give life to sometimes abstract ideas? 3D digital models have this power by offering a unique immersive experience. They allow you to visualize all aspects of the project in real time, to better understand its design and to adjust it if necessary.

Their potential goes far beyond mere visualization. They also make it possible to calculate the costing of the project, to plan the backfill and cuttings necessary for the site, to produce precise quotes and to anticipate errors even before construction begins.

By uniting technology and imagination, these mockups offer a new way to bring our ideas to life and create real-world projects that meet everyone's needs and wants. The 3D digital model is the essential tool for carrying out innovative, creative, collaborative and efficient projects.

To infinity and beyond

We are already exploring other avenues

Building a better world starts today. We are already looking for new perspectives, new technologies and new methods to go further in our mission.

The future still holds many surprises for us, and we are ready to take up all the challenges to continue to innovate and inspire.

Each innovation can be a game-changer and contribute to a more nature-friendly world.

Make each project a new story,
what will be yours?

Make each project a new story,
what is yours?

You have questions,
consult our FAQ

You have questions,
consult our FAQ